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Spring Trends Alert

Spring Trends Alert

We might all be trying a wee bit harder with our outfits now that the temps are warming up! For the 2019 spring/summer season, we’re seeing a lot of repeat trends from last year… which bodes well for us since I’m sure we’ve saved our cutest pieces. But, there are a few new players in the game… and I’ve scoured the internet and some of my fave brands to bring you my spring style edit! Enjoy!

Stripes are always a great staple, especially if you’re in New England. Do stripes make you look wider? Not necessarily. I believe it’s the silhouette of the garment as a whole. Something like this jumpsuit from J.Crew (in all honesty) would probably look better on a tall figure because of all the volume it creates at the bottom… not because of the stripes. But, never say never.. I always tell my styling clients not to dismiss pieces because of rules. Give them a chance to be tried on… you might be pleasantly surprised! If you love the stripes, opt for a maxi dress that’s a more sleek silhouette and will make those stripes look as good as you’ve always imagined.

If you know me, you know I’m a sucker for hats… and I’m also a huge fan of straw bags… well this here is their offspring and I. Am. Obsessed!

Warm weather style is all about bright colors and bold pieces that you can have fun with. One of my favorite things to do when styling an outfit is toning down the ensemble, and adding in a bold and statement-making accessory. And these earrings, definitely fit that bill!

Another style I absolutely adore is anything that’s a two-piece set. With women’s suiting as a true style trend these days, I’m loving this shorts and blazer combo in linen… perfect for spring and summer.

On those days when you’re just picking up the kids from school or camp, running to the grocery store, or whatever other errands… I think these would be so fun to pair with a simple style of shorts and white t-shirt!

Again, loving these two-piece ensembles… Wear together, or just this gorgeous top with a pair of wide leg jeans or casual shorts.

Can’t get enough of these two-piece sets! This one is just so adorable… had to share!

Ready! Set! Neon! It’s all the rage this season, so by all means, get on that bright bandwagon. But one suggestion… add it into your wardrobe in small doses… bags, jewelry, shoes… don’t invest too much in each piece because it’ll be gone in a hot flash!

Kaftans are one of my all-time favorite fashions. In recent years, they’ve become more and more popular and therefore easier to find. I love them because they’re easy breezy, they’re meant to be billowy and large, so really, anyone of any size can rock this bohemian style. Loved this tunic/kaftan from H&M, with a matching one for your mini fashionista!

Polka-dots are everywhere this season! But my personal favorite is the brown and white color combo…

Barrettes! Barrettes! Barrettes! Another huge trend for 2019… I’m loving this classic style by Versace.

Go ahead, tell me you hate high rise jeans… Just give them a try… I love them because they elongate your legs (as they extend higher up your back), they hide your belly and suck you in (amiright?), and this style is perfect for all those fun crop tops we’ve been seeing for the last couple of years.

Styling Pieces That I'm Obsessing Over

Styling Pieces That I'm Obsessing Over