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Spring Fashion Trends That We're Loving

Spring Fashion Trends That We're Loving

Spring is right around the corner, I swear! And to prepare for its long awaited arrival, I've put together a collection of my favorite trends that are either making a huge comeback this year or are as fresh as those bright spring leaves.

Spring is about renewal, about starting fresh, and as a stylist, I always encourage my clients to try something new. Just a little something... add in one or two unexpected trends into their rotation. It will take you out of your comfort zone just long enough for you hear that astounding compliment or that second glance in the mirror when you think, ya, I can definitely rock this look! 

Check out some of my faves for this spring and we would love to see how you make them your own! Post on Instagram and be sure to tag us!  




It's not easy being green... or is it? There is no better color for spring than this luscious darker shade known for its representation of newness and rebirth. I know what you're thinking... green isn't for me. But I say, try out different shades from Kelly Green to Hunter Green, and I guarantee, you'll be surprised how well this darker palette works with every skin tone. 

Asos Green Blouse




This is one of those duh moments in fashion, but this season, the stripes have a new spin on them and are popping up in unexpected places. This is one of those trends that our more "shy fashionistas" will love because I know you girls have some stripes already hanging in that closet! 

Scripted Striped Knit Top




For all of you out there that have 3 UHaul trucks worth of jeans, this trend is for you! A new take on a simple jean style is the reimagined, more dramatic, almost arts-and-craftsy style denim. Seams in the wrong places, patches, uneven hem lines, dramatic frayed hems, mixed shades of denim.. anything goes. What I'm loving about this is that there really is no wrong type of jeans and you can take some of those old jeans you've been hanging onto and craft your own design. I took a pair of $9 GAP jeans, cut off the bottom hem and frayed them to make a dramatically different looking pair of jeans. Have fun with this trend, there is no right or wrong.  

ASOS Denim

H&M Denim




The ultimate in girly detailing, ruffles are back with a bang. The bigger the ruffle, the sweeter the look, so indulge in this trend before it goes back into the hollows of fashion past. Go bold with large ruffles down the sleeve or pretty much on every inch of your body, or a bit more demure, with hints of ruffle in unexpected detailing. 

Alexis Ruffle Dress




Not just for picnics anymore, this graphic is making a bold statement this season and I couldn't be happier about it. In a large format or small print, it really does keep pieces looking fresh and casual. If you haven't experimented with this print before, this is your lucky year!  

J.Crew Gingham Gown

ASOS Gingham Jumpsuit 


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