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New Ms Fit Feature:                    Author, Deirdre Sullivan

New Ms Fit Feature: Author, Deirdre Sullivan

Deirdre Sullivan, Author of  Ming Goes to School

Deirdre Sullivan, Author of Ming Goes to School

"If there is one thing I have learned from this process is to never give up on your dreams. Over the years I have received countless rejection letters from publishers about this story. Instead of considering it defeat, it inspired me to make the story better. I poured my heart into this book and I am so excited to share it; I hope it brings joy to those who read it."

We are truly so inspired by our newest Ms Fit, mom of four, and now published author, Deirdre Sullivan. Deirdre's children's book Ming Goes To School is ready to ship this week...Hooray! Her debut book was born out of her gratitude for her daughter's first teacher. As a parent, I can't think of better gift to give your children, not only the book, but the experience of watching your mom succeed in fulfilling a dream. Our biggest congratulations goes to Deirdre!


I can’t remember not being busy! I have four girls ranging in age from 3 to 12, so my days consist of negotiating with a three year old over cookies for lunch, to hovering over pre-teen group texts and snap chats, to everything in between. I also try to write for an hour everyday and I am currently promoting my new book!


I find that exercise makes me a much better mom, so I try to exercise everyday even if it is a power walk with the dog. In fitness, I love barre and boxing. I also play tennis in a women’s league. Exercise has always been a great stress reliever for me, but I find that boxing can really get some aggression out. 

In fashion, I am obsessed with Sundry sweatpants, Nili Loton trousers, FRAME jeans, and Frank and Eileen shirts. I also love my broken in Stan Smiths because they take me back to my high school years.




Ming Goes to School was originally a thank you letter to my daughter’s very first teacher over ten years ago. My mom was the one who encouraged me to turn it into a story way back then. Ming is about a little girl’s first year of school, where she learns growing up takes time. What was really tricky about this particular story was fitting an entire school year into a 28-page picture book. The transitions in the story never seemed to work quite right. Three years ago, I met Maja (the illustrator) at a class picnic, and she mentioned she was a portrait artist but always wanted to illustrate a picture book. I immediately handed over my manuscript and Ming came to life. Maja’s illustrations are so beautiful that I was able to take my 1000 word story and cut it down to 97 words. Maja was able to paint the passage of time through the different seasons, and the transitions finally worked. We believed we created something really special, and even though publishers never want to see a finished product, not to mention from an unpublished author/illustrator, we decided to send it out anyways. Sure enough, Sky Pony Press in NYC believed in it too, and picked it up. 


 You can order the book on Amazon, ready to ship this week!




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