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Celebrating Change, the Humane Way

Celebrating Change, the Humane Way

I think the only way to genuinely be inspired is to open your mind and open your heart. Through this little Ms Fit adventure, we have met so many people that have given us a reason to open up our minds and accept the beautiful things they have to offer this world. 

Last week Jessica and I went out for a girl's night and it was by no means like any other girl's night we've ever been to before. The rose was flowing. Check. Our favorite girls-about-town were there. Check. But what was different was the purpose of bringing us all together. 

Chateau D'Esclans Rock Angel Rose Wine

Hosts Amber D'Amelio and Shannon Pastuszak set the (glamorously chic) stage for change. Shannon shared that, "The goal of the event was to raise awareness and to share helpful information about better plant-focused options for our bodies, for animals and for the environment. We wanted to focus on the idea of "conscious eating" and the importance of corporate food policy and public food policy to work together to make it easier for the public to make better choices". 

Daniela Winston, Room with A Vieux

It was eye opening to hear about the horrific mistreatment of animals just so we can enjoy a gallon of milk or a few egg whites in the morning. It was eye opening to learn that this coming November in Massachusetts, YOU will be able to vote for the implementation of more humane and safer living standards for farm animals... who wouldn't vote positively for that? It was also mind blowing to learn how small changes in our thinking about animal products and how we use them can change our bodies and entire lives so dramatically. 

As Amber D'Amelio says, "As women, we have the power to effect change and to send a message through what we choose to buy or more importantly, not buy." When we make things easier for people then it's easier to do the right thing... like buying healthier products, if it's easy, we'll be happy to do it. If it's easy to prepare healthier foods, then we'll be happier to do it for our families. If the prices of these types of foods are reasonable, then we'll be happier to buy it. This was the message that really stood out to us. Caroline Love, VP of Operations for Hampton Creek, a food technology company which finds new ways of using plants in food products, brought this message to life. As Caroline said, "the right thing for our bodies and for the world should be easy and affordable." Amen!    

It was a dynamic get together with many friends and many new faces because it was about something bigger than ourselves. It was just really nice to listen to what the women around us are so passionate about and to open up our minds and hearts to something that may have never crossed our minds or hearts before... And that's a truly powerful thing. 

With our host, Amber D'Amelio 

Thank you to our hosts, Amber D'Amelio and Shannon Pastuszak

And a huge thank you to all of the women for opening up your hearts!

For more information on how to connect with, get involved with or learn more about this special cause, check out the links below.

The Humane Society

Hampton Creek

Ready, Set, Launch!

Ready, Set, Launch!

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